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Customized Felt

A One of a Kind

From Mode Bikes,

Costa Mesa, California

Powered by 48V Golden Motor

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Trouble Shooting  E-Bikes

Technical editor, Don Ficken details his 4-step trouble shooting sequence



Testing Page 1

How to Buy an Electric Bike

Things You Should Know and

Questions You Should Ask

before spending your money on an ebike that  might turn out to be a horrible disappointment, especially if you have purchased an online  Chinese import where service is  lacking and  refunds  often impossible.

Path P-1

IZIP E3 Path by Currie Technologies

Step-through commuter offering astonishing performance from a 250W motor.

HOW TO: Put a  motor and rim brake on a Springer Fork


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How to Buy

Amped Bikes Updates Their

Unique Kit to a Plug & Play

Coming Soon

A Look Inside the

Magic Pie III


Golden Motors

E-Bikes for Less Than $1,000

If  you have been shopping for an electric bike and suffering from sticker shock, then have a look at these electrics that sell for less than  $1000.

Bikes Under $1000 Page 1

Local E-Bike Shops

& Service Centers

National Directory  







Need repairs?

Shopping for a new E-Bike?

Visit one of these

Local E-Bike Shops

These foreign  E-bike and accessory  suppliers

are seeking USA

Distributors & Dealers

Foreign Suppliers

 Seeking USA Distributors

Seeking USA Distributors


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Installing Cyclone’s

Mid Drive

A step-by-step how-to of installing Cyclone’s chain-drive electric motor

Chain Drive Page 1

Coming Soon

Care and Feeding


Your SLA Battery

For Longer Life